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Penicam Valley Estate


Penicam Valley Estate is a development of imaginative and contemporary architecture surrounded by natural elements to create a countryside living within the city. The main concept for this development is to design modern housing units on a 10 acre land which are affordable, aesthetically appealing and engender communal spirit among residents. The key essence of this estate is “LIVING IN NATURE” because the design uniquely reflect the rural vernacular of Abokobi and its surrounding areas.

The uniquely designed landscaping, carefully conserved greens with a balance of nature ensure a sense of warmth, belongingness and peace within the community. Thus, it offers you the opportunity to connect with nature in a peaceful ambience.

Gently placed on the lower belt of the Aburi Mountains, Penicam Valley Estate is located at Abokobi which is 20minutes drive to Accra Mall. The estate is secured, well maintained and is a novelty which connotes the following characteristics:

  • Chorographic Landscaping
  • Use of natural materials such as stones on some part of walls
  • The designs attract natural light into the rooms
  • A designed environment to provide nesting and roosting places for birds etc.
  • Designed to make the rooms feel cooler
  • Sense of place - Countryside living within a city
  • Serenity as consideration for layout and house designs
  • Exposure to natural view e.g. mountains, trees etc.
  • Design to encourage friendliness among neighbours
  • Porches are functional and make positive contributions to the internal & external environment. It really alignment with the elevation.
  • Earthly tone colours
  • A touch pergola wood on the ceiling

House Designs Types:

  • 1 bedroom semi-detached
  • 2 bedrooms detached
  • 3 bedroom  detached
  • 1,2,3 bedrooms expendables