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8 Easy Steps to Own a Home at Penicam Properties

8 Easy Steps
  1. Contact us to arrange a visit to development site on;
    • (+233)203002626
    • (+233) 200995151
    • (+233) 244327482
  2. Discuss payment options with us
  3. Pick, complete and submit an Application Form available online or in our office
  4. Receive an Offer Letter and Sale & Purchase Agreement from Penicam Properties indicating general terms and conditions as well as price
  5. Return the endorsed Offer Letter and Sale & Purchase Agreement to Penicam Properties
  6. Make the required initial deposit for an allocation
  7. Expect periodic updates from us on progress of work and payments. Alternatively, with a user I.D and a Password you can access it online with our extranet functionality.
  8. Inspect your new home prior to handing over and receive keys to your new home